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About This Project

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Point Ephemere 2012
let’s talk about..


This is the programme for Point Ephemere , from February 2012 and it is designed by the Frederic Tacer Studio . You can also refer to other Point Ephemere posts, for other papers and information and to see how the visual identity of Point Ephemere looks like now. The studio is found in 2010 by Frederic and is based on Paris ,working on different projects on Art Direction and Graphic Design and has created many monthly programmes for Point Ephemere , as well as the Point Ephemere logo at the time and has worked with them till 2014.

and some technicality…

This programme is measuring 20,75 x 14,75 cm and is 6 double sided pages .
The bold type , also used for the point ephemere logo is Trade Gothic.
Courier Sans is used for the light body text.