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About This Project

category | card + brochure
La Plateau / Frac île-de-france
let’s talk about..


The feelings of things is an exhibition curated by Elodie Royer and Yoann Gourmel to presented in La Plateau / Frac île-de-france between 12/15/11 to 02/26/12.

The inspiration for the exhibition comes from Bruno Munari’s work as a graphic designer, illustrator and designer. The artists who have came together reflect their sentiment on objects and their relationship with Munari’s playfullness.

The brochure here is designed by Loran Stoskopf, who at the monet is a creative director at Paris branch of Mucho Studio. He has worked as an educator and artistic director in different projects before hand.

Even though Loran has designed the brochure, it is unclear if he is also responsible of the logo and identity of La Plateau and therefore the font used remains unknown.

and some technicality…

The brochure measures 21×10 cm when folded and 21×30 cm opened.
It is folded twice horizontally.

brochure, card