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About This Project

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Autumn – Spring 2017/2018
let’s talk about..


La Colline, fully known as Théâtre national de la Colline, is a theatre in the 20th arrondissement of Paris . La Colline’s visual identity is designed by Atelier Pierre di Sciullo and this catalogue is also designed in collaboration with Marga Berra Zubietnow.


The fun attitude lies within the use of the font “ gararond ” also designed by Atelier Pierre di Sciullo, a playful take on the well-known font garamond, and the pastel colored-handwritten titles. This brochure is also a mini – programme, providing information on all the plays for the season including pricing.

If you live in Paris or France, you might also see postcards distributed in various cultural centers, the posters hanging on the walls of the metro. You might have also seen them before 2016, when La Colline had a completly different identity ; designed by Atelier Bekke & Behage ; founded in 1977 by two graphic designers Evelyn ter Bekke and Dirk Behage. The previous identity was quite linear in terms of the graphic style as oppose to what Atelier Pierre di Sciullo proposes here since 2016.

and some technicality…

This programme is measuring 21×15,5 cm.
It has been printed on recycled paper but the actual paper is unknown.