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About This Project

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19e Biennale de danse du Val-de-Marne
let’s talk about..


La Briqueterie, also known as the center of choreographic development of Val de Marne, published this programme for their winter 2017 dance Biennial. The graphic direction of the catalogue was done by the Paris based graphic design studio Hartland Villa and deals with signage to packaging to publishing and identity. Hartland Villa is co-created by three creatives Lionel Avignon, Aude Pertier and Stefan de Vivien at 1999.


The visual identity for the La Briqueterie is designed by Atelier Pierre di Sciullo, along with website and the graphic direction of the dance magazine, Repères, published by La briqueterie twice by year.

and some technicality…

This programme is measuring 21×12 cm.
The text is black on white , excluding the last part of the programme , where yellow paper is used for information , pricing etc.
The typography used for the text is Archer.
It was printed in Impression Alliance in Paris 33 Avenue du Maine , 75015.
The Amber graphic paper by Arctic Paper, a white uncoated fine paper is optimized for color printing .