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About This Project

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Contemporary Dance Journal no : 70 – September 2016
let’s talk about..


Journal de l’ADC is a quarterly published magazine by ADC,  L’Association pour la Danse Contemporaine Genève (Genève Contemporary Danse Association). The Association provides spaces, events, ateliers, connections to dancers all around the city and the magazine connects dancers all around.


The graphic identity of the Journal is designed by Silvia Francia, a graphic designer working within studio Blvdr based in Genève. Silvia is one of the founders of the studio in 1995, which consists of four other designers, specializing in digital, scenography and graphic.


Along with the journal for the ADC and many other magazines and publishings, Silvia mainly designs posters and identities for museums and theaters and various companies . She also makes illustrations and designs wine labels. She has also teached a master course at the School of Applied Arts in Geneva from 1993 to 2002 and continues to attend as a guest lecturer.

and some technicality…

This magazine is 36 double-sided pages.

The dimensions are 24 x32,5 cm .