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About This Project

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Frac Champagne Ardenne – Sterling Ruby
let’s talk about..

This card and all the cards created for FRAC Champagne Ardenne is designed by Gavillet & Cie, which is a graphic design agency based in Geneva. The studio is originally established in 2001 by Gilles Gavillet and David Rust and expended in 2009 with Vincent Devaud joining. Gilles and Vincent are also teaching at ECAL and EAA School of Apllies arts La-Chaux-de -Fonds.

The logo has been designed by the team as well as many brochures, postcards and overall art direction . They have also published a book for them in 2014 for the 30 year of Frac titled : 30 ans du frac champagne – ardenne.


This card is also serving as an information card to introduce the Sterling Ruby exhibition in 2012.

and some technicality…

This programme is measuring 20,75 x 14,75 cm and is 6 double sided pages .
The bold type , also used for the point ephemere logo is Trade Gothic.
Courier Sans is used for the light body text.