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About This Project

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Bao Restaurant – London
let’s talk about..

Drinks menu, order card, which also serves as the food menu,  and even the wet towel packaging of Bao is designed by the founders themselves, according to sources, whom are also designers. Wai Timg Chung, Shing Tat Chung and Erchen Chang used the Brown typeface for the logo of their restaurant. The website is was developed by the twelve studio, based in London, who have also developed interesting graphics for the Bao team’s  more formal restaurant called XU.

On a side note, this place is a must visit, the baos are amazing!

and some technicality…

The food menu and the order card measures 30x10cm
The drink menu is  30×14,5cm.
The food menu / order card is printed on newsprint quality paper while the drink menu is a on off white smooth paper on higher grammage.
The text is in English and also in Taiwanese for the titles, as the food itself is Taiwanese.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat !