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About This Project

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2nd International Symposium in Art and Design, 2011
let’s talk about..


The autoproduction brochure is created as a tool of information for the 2nd International Symposium in Art and Design for ESAD, Ecole Superieure d’art et de Design de Reims (School of Art and Design in Reims , France) by Studio Plastac in Paris.

Studio Plastac is founded by Adrien Cuingnet and Romain Riousse and has been working with Esad Reims on different projects, in fact, they have graduated from there. Adrien is also a teacher for the school.

For the theme self-production, the studio has also developed 20 numbered screenprinted posters along with 3000 brochures . Donatien Mary, who is also an illustrator,  has assisted them with the technique of engraving during the printing of the posters.

and some technicality…

The program is 14,5 x 21cm closed and is folded out to 3 pages.
There is an additional 10,5 cm x 21 cm paper that can be found when folded out ; which is an subscription form.